5790 - VIDEO:Fuck in public (27min01)

5789 - active duty:Randy and Marty

The guys are supercharged - needing lots of buddy-buddy servicing to relieve their throbbing pressure-gauges.

Format: mp4
Duration: 14:13
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4703kbps
Audio: 148kbps

File size: 505.8 MB

5788 - VIDEO DEL DIA: Arabian tales (93min09)

5787 - COMIX:Stonewall And Riot

Release Year: 2006
Cast: Uncredited

Another filthy animated feature from Joe Phillips, creator of the GAYVN award-winning hit film The House of Morecock. An invention has been stolen, a brilliant Professor is missing, and the only witness is lost in an extraordinary orgasmic afterglow. Can Eros City's most prominent heroes, Stonewall and Riot, get to the bottom of things before time runs out? They'll have to fuck their way through a gallery of the most twisted and horny sex freaks ever seen. The end of the trail leads our masked orgasmateers to the French Tickler, a mad sensualist hell-bent on revenge and mayhem. His plan to bathe the city in a sea of its own jizz is just the tip of the iceberg! Joe produced this wild erotic romp, full of hot hardcore action, that will leave you howling with lust and laughter. Blast off now!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:02:02
Video: 720x400, DivX 5, 1269kbps
Audio: 125kbps


File size: 640.9 MB

5786 - RANDY BLUE:Roman Todd and Jake Davis

Production year: 2015
Country: USA
Studio: RandyBlue
Genre: Anal Sex, Bareback, Blowjob, Cumshots, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming, Tattoos
Duration: 00:26:26
Description: Roman invited Jake over to watch some basketball. Jake was happy to watch anything as long as Roman kept feeding him the beers.
But once some Jack Daniels came into the picture, Jake got a little hammered. By the time the game ended, he had passed out on the couch. Roman was about to wake him up when low and behold, he saw some hard wood hiding out in those pants. Roman grabbed onto Jake and felt his shaft throbbing in his palm. Without waking Jake, Roman slowly unzipped his pants. When Roman pulled down his underwear, Jake unleashed his huge throbbing dick. Roman began to stroke it as Jake came to. Jake looked at Roman and chastised him. Why jerk it when you can suck it, he said. And now that Roman had his green light, he began to suck on Jake. Jake then got on his knees to service Roman. Roman was rock hard, and knew that he would rather have his dick inside his ass than his mouth. So he bent Jake over and rimmed his tight hole to get it nice and wet and loose. Then he slid his dick into Jake completely bare. He fucked Jake bareback in every way possible until finally he pulled out and nutted on his hole before sticking it back in. The basketball may have been on TV, but these guys were the ones that were scoring. What started out as a fun day of drinking and watching sports, ended up being a hot bareback fuck fest. Jake fell asleep from having one too many. And Roman decided to take advantage. By the time Jake woke up, Roman was already stroking his hard cock. Jake pushed Roman down on his dick and he began to suck it. They exchanged blow jobs and Roman rimmed his tight hole. Then he shoved his raw dick deep inside of him. Jake could not get enough of Roman slamming deep into his ass. Finally Roman pulled out and came all over that tight pink hole. Trust me, you are going to need some extra tissues for this one.


Cute guy caught masturbating


videos caseiros #05

5783 - Gregg Homme: Playhouse Collection


If you're in the market for a pair of revealing underwear, look no further than Gregg Homme. They just launched their new Playhouse Collection and have enlisted sexy stud Timothy St Amand Israel as the face & body of their brand. You can check out tons more at Homotrophy & the Gregg Homme website.

5782 - Monday Porn Roundup


This week sexy blond Turi Alpatow is getting the solo spotlight at Bel Ami. Before he can start is his interview, Yuri warms up with a steamy sensual shower. I love watching Yuri show off every inch of his body, including that tasty uncut cock. Yuri really gets into jerking off for the camera and I can't get enough of the lick creamy load he delivers. If you want more of Yuri, check out his video bottoming for Tim Campbell.


Fan Favorite Darius Ferdynand is hitting the pool in the latest release from Falcon Studios. Anthony Verusso is the lucky stud joining Darius for some nude sunbathing & cocksucking. Darius reallys gets into servicing Anthony before hammering his cock down this hungry twink's throat. If you need more of Darius poolside, don't miss out on hie flip-fuck with Brent Corrigan.



5781 - SEAN CODY:Perry and Jayden Bareback

Production year: 2015
Country: USA
Studio: SeanCody
Genre: Anal Sex, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Cumshots, Flip-Flop, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming
Duration: 00:24:59
Description: HATE-WATCHING SEAN CODY’S PERRY. Perry is Sean Cody’s unentertaining court jester.
We know this. It’s practically been scientifically proven. Here’s the thing: He’s also cute, well-built, versatile and a decent performer. So there’s no use fretting about him; he’s going to be around for a long, long time. There simply are not enough performers out there these days that Cody even has a real choice about using him. Besides, I suspect he’s more popular than we’d like to believe. For the record, then, I would to stipulate that Perry is annoying but also generally a good performer. Now let’s judge him on his scene with Jayden. Perry starts out topping for some inexplicable reason, but soon saner minds prevail and Jayden’s on top. Jayden, for his part, pumps out a spectacular first load in this position, one that starts internal, then pops out and sprays all over Perry’s ass. A unusually gung-ho Jayden promptly licks it all up! Jayden drills Perry in part 2, shooting another good load on his ass, to which Perry adds his own shortly thereafter. So, Perry serves his purpose as Jayden’s cumhole. And for those of you on a Perry hate-watch, he only cums once in the scene. He then faces the inglorious task of staying after porn school to do a make-up j / o in the behind-the-scenes as a penalty. You can bet he’ll be back soon regardless.


Samuel 01

5779- CAM VIDEOS: Two hot straight guys wanking on cam

Two hot straight guys wanking on cam next to each other

5778 - PELI:Locker Room (HotHouse, 2009)

Production year: 2009
Country: USA
Directed by: Robert C. Drake
Studio: Hot House Video
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Muscle, Jocks, ThreeWay, Big Dick, Rimming, Cumshot, Facials
Duration: 1:34:43
Starring: Vince Ferelli, Blu Kennedy, Ethan Wolfe, Derrek Diamond, Johnny Gunn, Kyle King, Slade, Tony Estrada, Tony Mecelli
Description: Strip naked and cruise the sweaty muscle men of the Locker Room, the steamiest spot on the planet. All of your Locker Room fantasies come to life when these chiseled jocks cruise and hook up. Strikingly handsome hoss Vince Ferelli stands at the sink shaving when chiseled Tony Mecelli walks in to take a piss. Ferelli catches a glimpse of Mecelli’s hose in the mirror and can not help but stare as the monster grows and grows. Ferelli pulls out his own thick fat cock and the two jocks swap blow jobs. Dripping pre-cum, Mecelli bends Ferelli over the sink and plows his ass. Still hard and craving more, Mecelli orders Ferelli spread-eagle on the floor and fucks him deeper. Finally the two sweaty mounds of man flesh stand up and jack off, shooting huge loads all over the locker room floor. Wholesome Derrek Diamond and all-American Slade sneak into the bathroom stall to get it on. Suddenly hung Ethan Wolfe comes in and spies them through a gloryhole. One look at Wolfe’s snake coming at them through the wall and both clean-cut cruisers can not wait to get it in their mouths. Soon Diamond gets on his knees to suck both whoppers until the horny tops notice his fat bubble butt. Slade steps up to bat first, fucking Diamond’s hole while Wolfe feeds him his cock. Slade drains his monster and leaves, allowing Wolfe to take a turn at Diamond’s ass. Can Diamond take all of Wolfe’s legendary cock? Horny teammates Johnny Gunn and Tony Estrada hit the locker room to get ready for practice. When hunky Estrada strips out of his street clothes and bends over to show off his huge round ass Gunn can not think of anything except getting him out of his jock. He takes control by getting on his knees and pulling out Estrada’s fat uncut cock and swallowing it like a pro. Clean-cut MVP Kyle King needs to some stress so he stands in the stall, jacking off. Horsehung stud Ethan Wolfe comes in from practice and catches King in the act. Seeing his young teammate stroking his cock turns him on so much he has to get in on the act. King comes over and offers his fat tool to Wolfe who greedily sucks it down. Suddenly Blu Kennedy comes in and demands to know what’s going on. Wolfe and King grab the hung redhead and push his open mouth down on King’s cock. Next they work Kennedy over, taking turns fucking and sucking him off. Kennedy’s hard cock needs to fuck so he turns both of his aggressors into pig bottoms!

5777 - DOWNLOAD:Tim Kruger and Flex Xtremmo (TimTales, 2015)

Production year: 2015
Studio: TimTales
Genre: Anal Sex, Big Dick, Blowjob, Bodybuilder, Cumshot, Facial, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Red-Haired, Uncut
Duration: 00:17:00
Description: As you all like Flex so much and especially the video with Tim we decided everytime Flex will be in Barcelona we shoot a new video Tim fucking him.
That’s also btw what Flex and Tim want. They met in the fashionstore of our friends from brainandbeast.com in the old town of Barcelona and instantly started making out. Tim fucked Flex amazing muscular butt probably in every corner of that shop and you can tell they’re really into each other. O fcourse that fuck isn’t completed till Tim shoots a huge creamy load on Flex’ sexy face and mouth.

5776 - video del dia: Out of Athens {Part 2} (74min08)

5775 - CHAOS MEN: Curtis, Darius & Vander (36min54)

5774 - MEN AT PLAY:Body Wash Dani Robles and Craig Daniel

Production year: 2015
Country: UK
Studio: MenAtPlay
Genre: Anal Sex, Big Dick, Blowjob, Cumshots, Fingering, Hairy, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming, Spitting, Tattoos, Uncut
Duration: 00:21:16
Description: Handsome businessman Dani Robles obviously has a thing for blue collar workers, especially when they’re beefed up and sweaty.
We saw him getting a greased up by hunky mechanic Denis Vega in AUTOFORNICATION, and now he has his sights set on the rough and rugged car wash attendant Craig Daniel. After getting his car waxed and polished, Dani can only think of polishing one thing – and as soon as he unzips Craigs jeans and out flops his monster meat Dani knows he’s on for the fucking of a lifetime. But first he’ll feast on the monster uncut meat until his hunger for cock is well and truly satisfied. Craig then starts working on Dani’s incredible ass, eating his smooth hole before stretching it with his 9 inches. We’ve no doubt that after this XXX Body Service, Craig will have a lot of new customers lining up for a taste if his mouthwatering cock!

5773 - Czech Hunter 191

Production year: 2015
Country: Czech Republic
Studio: CzechHunter
Genre: Duet, Twins, Interview, Bareback, Blow Jobs, Oral / Anal Sex, Footfetish, Tea Bags, Big Dicks, Amateurs, POV, Masturbation, Footjob, Cum Shots, Facial, Jerking Off, Uncut, Tattoos, European
Duration: 00:48:16
Description: Today something very crazy happened to me. Met two boys, one was fast and resolutely saying no and told me to fuck off. That also happens sometimes.
The second one was very special. I have seen him kissing his girlfriend and walking away with some groceries. I’ve stopped him and start to talk to him. Young, kinda funny A stylist as he said. I had a feeling that there is something special about him. He appeared kinda metrosexual. After some chat he confused me by telling that he had tried something with a man before. That was like a volcano eruption in me. A straight guy on the edge. I knew he will be down to fuck and I’ve decided to fuck his brain out. His girlfriend at work and us fucking in their bedroom like the end of the world would be great.
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